Hero Vishal Orders Don't Give Trailers to Channels for FreeThe Tamil Film Producers Council recently has an election and popular hero Vishal has been chosen as the new president. The actor had some supporters as well as some who expressed their dislike towards this decision. Vishal spent quite some time defending the election results and arguing online.

However, now the new President has finally begun taking his role seriously. Vishal has recently passed a law that songs and trailers of upcoming movies should not be given to TV channels for free. They should be shared with some sort of price agreement and should not be given out “free of cost”.

His decision to “bring back honour and value for [their] content” will have drastic effect on local filmmakers and movies having a small budget which heavily rely on media channels for promotion. Will this do any good for producers? Will Tv channels pay for Trailers and song clips? Can producers really boycott media channels?