Hero Proposes To Fiance On StageA heart-warming incident at the pre-release event of Karthikeya’s Raja Vikramarka caught everyone’s attention and rightly so. Incidentally, Karthikeya proposed to his fiance on stage.

Karthikeya said he never really got the chance to propose properly to his fiance, Lohita and he is finally getting to do so now as he went on one knee to propose to Lohita.

Lohita then turned emotional as she hugged Karthikeya after his heartwarming act. The couple shared an intimate moment on the stage. This stood as one of the main attractions of the event, as a whole.

“After falling in love with Lohita in my engineering days, I said her I would marry her after I become a hero. And now that I have finally become one, I am marrying her. We are getting married on 21st of November,” Karthikeya said.

As for Raja Vikramarka, the film is releasing on the 12th of this month.