Hero Hired Teams To Troll Mohan Babu?Senior actor Mohan Babu never minces words and is known for his straight talk. The actor has now opened up on the recent fad on social media where trolling and memes occur. Mohan Babu says that he doesn’t get affected by usual trolling or memes but only gets disturbed when they come with a sarcastic pun.

“I only happen to see memes unless someone forwards it. There is a difference between fun and saying disrespectful things in a mean, sarcastic way which any human can’t take,” says Mohan Babu.

Mohan Babu goes on to make a startling revelation that he knows who is behind doing such things against him. He says that two heroes have set up a trolling team, where they have hired 50 to 100 people to do this task.

“They may be happy now, but as the saying goes ‘you reap what you sow’ will be advertently true for them in the future. There will be a stage when they will be treated the same and none will come to their rescue,” adds Mohan Babu.

The senior actor makes it clear that trolls and memes should evoke fun, but shouldn’t harm others. On the work front, the actor will be seen in Son of India.