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Hero Under Remand Refuses to Wear the Jail Uniform

Hero Dileep Under Remand Refuses to Wear the Jail UniformIn a shocking event of the popular Hero, Dileep found accused in the molestation case of the co-actor Bhavana, fans were the ones who were highly hurt and are irate with the shocking and shameful act of their beloved Hero. The fan mob and the known people of the actor were seen mocking the Hero while he was being taken to the Jail.

The hero, after all this shame, is reported to be refusing to wear the jail uniform at the Aluva Sub Jail. The actor has been forced to wear the uniform and is being treated like any prisoner in the jail. He was kept in a room with the other five prisoners despite him demanding for a special treatment.

Dileep was grown in Aluva since he was a boy and he knew many of the people there where he has been a great actor and called as the People’s Hero to this position as a prisoner in the same area where is now called a molester. He now is reported to be on a hunger strike in the jail.


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