Hero Denies Final Payment For HeroineHe is a young hero who has done a handful of films. He has one commercial success courtesy a couple of blockbuster songs. He is churning out films one after the other without any luck.

This actor is know for doing films to producers in Package deals. It is the case with his Blockbuster film too. The film had a reasonably known heroine. This actor promised an X amount as remuneration for this actress.

Before the release, an amount of Seven Lakhs is pending for her. The hero pocketed the amount and became non-responsive for the heroine.

The actress threatened not to promote the film as a result.

“That is exactly what I wanted. She is a better known face than me. I will get all the limelight during the promotions. She is doing a favor to me,” the hero told his friends and staff.

The movie released about two years ago and the actress is still not paid yet.