Hero Completely Disowns His Own Film Rana Daggubati‘s long-delayed film, 1945 has released today in theaters. The movie has released silently without any promotions. We did not even get to see the film’s trailer and Rana did not attend a single event of the movie. For that matter, no event had happened yet.

1945 was in cans for many years. It was a bilingual and C Kalyan produced the Telugu version. A couple of years ago, when the makers announced the film’s release. Rana publicly disowned the movie. The producer of the film had a spat with Rana as well.

“This is an unfinished film with the Producer who had defaulted on monies and on completion. Haven’t met them for over a year. This is his idea of raising money in the Markets by cheating more people 🙂 pls don’t entertain this. Thanks,” Rana tweeted back then.

This has happened way back in 2019 and looks like the differences are still there. There are rumors that the makers have released an unfinished film with no dubbing of Rana and some portions still not shot.