Hero Edits Boothu Of Fans!Adivi Sesh is on a high these days after the great response to his latest film Major, especially from the Telugu audience.

He is doing interviews with YouTubers and interacting with fans on social media, and he conducted one such #AskSesh session on Twitter on Tuesday.

These days, young social media users find it cool to use slang and swear words even to appreciate some things. One of Sesh’s fans, while congratulating him for his performance in Major, used a boothu word and said, “Jaathini D&*^%$%^ Bro!”

Adivi Sesh corrected him and replied, “Jaathini Preminchaanu, Bro!”

This timely and instant reaction from Sesh won many hearts during the session. It got thousands of likes and RTs.

These days there is a craze for these multiverse kinds of films after the success of Spiderman and Dr. Strange films. So in reference to that angle, another fan of his asked what’s his opinion on the multiverse kind of thing in Tollywood, to which Sesh bluntly replied, “Doesn’t work!”

Looks like Adivi Sesh has perfect clarity on the kind of films he wants to attempt in the future.