Aadi and his wife Aruna blessed with baby girlGiving a name to a new born is the most exciting thing for the new parents. Proud father of a cute baby girl, young hero Aadi and his wife Aruna are also in the same situation. They want to name their angel starting with the letter ‘A’. Aadi and Aruna begin with A and they want to make it triple A (AAA).

The name isn’t yet decided. But it is going to begin with ‘A’ for sure. Aadi is presently taking a break to spend time with the newborn and it is a break for his movies’ shootings. The proud father will join shooting after he gets over the new feeling of being a father.

It’s celebration time in Pudipeddi family both for the baby girl and also as it is considered auspicious to have a newborn in one year of the demise of a veteran in the family.