In 2014, Bollywood has produced four back-to-back women-centric films and luckily, all of them were quite successful at the box-office. However, southern industry, on the contrary, rarely produces women-centric films as there seems to be no market for such films because most Telugu films don’t have a pan-India release in major metros. Therefore, the possibility of a women-centric film clicking in this industry is low.

Director Nandini Reddy says that the making of women-centric films is cyclical and that even we had our share of Vijayashanti films few years back. Now, she says that there’s no demand for such films in the south as our market caters majorly male population. Moreover, all recent women-centric films in Hindi are backed by big studios. She asks how many big production houses in south are willing to back a women-centric film?

Nandini feels while there’s a need to have strong women-centric films, she also says that finally a film should have a good story and it doesn’t matter if it features a male or female lead.