Here's why Vishnu Manchu supports subtitling
Actor Vishnu Manchu, who has been spearheading the subtitle culture for Telugu films in the recent past, says he’s advocating it actively because it has helped his films have huge impact on collections overseas.

He said that subtitles have made a huge impact on his films’ collections overseas. So many non-Telugu people have watched all his recent films and the response has been phenomenal. Moreover, he feels the English speaking crowd abroad are not bothered about who the actors are in a film and are usually interested to watch an Indian film as long as it has subtitles.

Vishnu’s forthcoming release “Rowdy”, which is directed by Ram Gopal Varma, will release with English subtitles worldwide April 4. He said they decided to release ‘Rowdy’ with subtitles worldwide because Ram Gopal Varma is an international name. His films are watched worldwide, so they wanted to ensure that people who don’t understand Telugu can also watch his work with subtitles.