Here’s why Tarun’s b’day was special

Actor Tarun, who hasn’t had a release in a long time, has finally completed shooting for a Telugu film titled ‘Yuddham’ on Wednesday, which also turned out to be his 30th birthday. The actor had a special reason to be happy on his b’day because it’s on the very same two years ago he started working on ‘Yuddham’. He is extremely happy that the much delayed project has finally come to an end.

He said that he is relieved that the film has finally been completed. He added that he started it two years back on his birthday and he completed it on the same day in 2014. He said finishing the film was his biggest b’day gift because he getting really nervous about the film for a long time.

He also said that he hopes to get busier this year. He admitted that he spent too many time on many of his recent projects and that he plans to work faster this year, complete multiple projects and stay in the race.