Salman Khan fan commits big mistakeBefore the final hearing on Salman Khan’s jail sentence in the Mumbai Sessions Court, the defence lawyer argued on the humane angle in Salman’s case asking the judge to consider the charity work of Salman Khan to cut short his jail term. The ‘charity face’ was cleverly projected to nullify the negative effect of the alleged crime.

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In the wake of his projected ‘Being Human’ image, what one would expect him to do at present is to visit his fan who consumed poison on the day when his plea for granting bail and appeal in High Court was taken up. While the entire country was anxiously waiting for the Court’s decision, one die-hard fan Guarango Kundu consumed poison and presently is recovering from the poisonous liquid effect.

He is presently in State-run government hospital and doctors say his condition is stable. Kundo is an aspiring writer who writes stories for Salman Khan and tells fairy story tales on his dream about Salman. Naturally, the most one would expect from Salman Khan is to at least pay a courtesy visit to his fan.

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