Rana Daggubati - Smart -Water
Actor, producer, presenter, visual effects manager and brand ambassador of commercial brands are the many facets of Rana Daggubati. If you are wondering about his income sources, the above-said multiple sources are behind his income.

Rana has a good social media presence and he is making use of it to the fullest. He has been endorsing selective brands and promoting them on his social media accounts amidst his movie updates, brands like Tissot watches and Smart Water India.

It’s understood that this is the part of the agreement that a star has to promote, endorse and share these commercial products on social media along with his updates about his films and upcoming commitments.

Though Rana is doing a couple of films and will line up another couple of films, there is no clarity about them. But, he has been busy with endorsing certain brands and you can watch how differently they were made as if they are the Daggubati guy’s personality.