Here Biggie Disgusts Adult Films and There It Is HousefulJeevitha Rajasekhar makes sure she is making some headlines and her big mouth is to be credited for that. Well, she has often been vocal about how the filmmakers are making the adult scenes mandatory to get the attention that they need to promote their films.

We have recently seen her embarrassing the Degree College makers on stage at their promotional event and the lady started the speech again at another movie function. There biggies like her are disgusting such films and on the other side, those films are managing to make it a houseful even on the second day.

We are speaking about Yedu Chepala Katha which showed it all in be teasers and trailers with lots of kissing and bedroom scenes and most of the times such film don’t do well at the theaters but surprisingly, Edu Chepala Katha is grabbing crowds to the theaters.

What does that mean, is it a hit? Not really. Such kind of films that rely only on bold content with no story doesn’t go for a long run. Anyway, not sure if Jeevitha was pointing this film or not but speaking the song launch event of Kaliyuga produced by Ping Pong Surya, she told these days they are bringing that adult content like lip locks and heavy exposing posters of girls and so on which shouldn’t be the driving force. Well, she is right but this has been there for ages in the industry but it was confined to particular cast and makers and now it is everywhere.