Hebah Patel Justifying the title, ’24 Kisses’ is featuring 24 kissing scenes between the hero and the heroine of the movie and that has been the selling point of the movie for the makers. They have been using the kisses for promoting their movie. Besides this, a pre-made publicity stunt also caught the attention of the viewers.

In a recent media interaction, Hebah Patel was seen walking out of the ‘24 Kisses‘ uni interaction with the public in a hurried manner and that was made into a controversy and was used by the channel that focused Hebah walking out. Needless to say, it looked like a pre-made publicity stunt by the movie’s unit. Now, Hebah has a different story to tell.

In another interview, Hebah was seen justifying her walk out saying that she was getting late for the audio launch event and she was in a hurry to get ready for the event and hence went away with prior permission. But, the entire crucial unit of the movie was present in the channel interaction and if she was getting late for the audio launch, even they need to be there, right? Despite all this hungama, the movie is carrying very low buzz.