FCUK (Father Chitti Uma Karthik) Pre Release Event StillsWhat does one infer when the title of a film is ‘F.C.U.K.’? Will anyone think that it could be ‘Father Chitti Uma Karthik? Who on Earth would read F.C.U.K. like that? There is severe criticism on the title of the movie starring Jagapathi Babu in the lead.

It’s understood that the makers of the movie had chosen the title to see that it reached the young audiences for whom it was targeted at. But, what would one say if someone asks us the title of the movie? Would we be able to say we watched, F.C.U.K.?

The criticism on the title on social media platforms is growing bigger as such acronyms tend to misguide audiences making them think that it could be a soft porn kind of adult comedy though Jagapathi Babu said that there were no such things in the movie.

Netizens are asking the makers, “If your parents ask you the title of the movie what would you say?” They have got a point for sure.