Heartless-Tollywood-Producer-Hurts-Beautiful-Heroine!He is TFI’s most prolific producer and is a jack of all trades.

He is known for making films cautiously. But there is often a thin line between cautious spending and Kanjoos spending.

He is liberal when giving remunerations to the stars.

So, there is no problem in getting projects set.

But when it comes to the others in a film.

He goes into bargaining mode with other artists and technicians.

Recently he had a big release. The heroine of the film had skipped the movie promotions completely.

It is said that the heroine is upset with the producer for bargaining too much.

Besides that, he kept her remuneration pending for a long time and did not even clear it before the release and did that only after repeated follow-up.

The producer also kept bills of her support staff pending hurting her big time.

That did not go well with the actress and she skipped the movie promotions once she received the payment.

She was more upset because she went extra mile for the movie doing an unexpected role.

The actual reason did not come out and media wrongly speculated about some rift between the actress and the director of the film.