Heard You Are A Drug Addict: Asst Dir To HeroAdivi Sesh has come a long way in his career from the time he made his debut in Sontham. Sesh managed to grab headlines when he played a psychopath drug addict in Pawan Kalyan’s Panjaa.

The effect of his role was so much in the industry circles that most of the people around Sesh thought he was indeed a drug addict and were scared to approach him.

Adivi Sesh reveals a funny incident when an AD came up to him and said he would narrate a story only if I did not get offended. When Sesh asked why he spoke that way, the AD told him, “I heard you are are drug addict and would always be high”.

Sesh says that his role of Munna in Panjaa was taken so seriously that everyone felt he was a drug addict and were scared to narrate dark characters to him.

From that day to now, Sesh is one of the most sought after actors in Telugu and will be making his Hindi debut with Major. If this film clicks in Hindi and Telugu there will be more budgets for his immediate film and of course more anticipation from the audiences.