Heads up on Ram Charan's next!Ram Charan has had quite an eventful year with release of two films and also his participations in other activities keeping him in news. However at the end of the day the main focus is always on movies and its reception and its follow up measures.

Ram Charan had two releases in the year and they were released in the most favorable conditions possible. Yet both the films even with decent talk couldn’t manage to make it big the way the makers and the star had imagined them to. Surely they were in top three grossers of the year but then the rest of the films by other big stars have been massive disasters. Ideally the star would have liked one of his two films to be the biggest hit of the year, a genuine blockbuster.

This is what the actor is up to, says sources. The think tank behind Ram Charan along with director Srinu Vytla are reportedly taking extensive care in delivering the big blockbuster the star is hoping for. New storyline, new hair style and pairing for the star is being looked into for his upcoming film. Rumors suggest it to be titled as My Name is Raju which is a line taken from a popular song of Charan’s illustrious dad’s film.

Apart from this there are also talks going on with Gautam Menon for a new film. The bottom-line behind all this is simple, to present Ram Charan in an all new fresh way in fresh products. Do you think Srinu Vytla can do so that with My Name is Raju or will it be Gautam Menon?

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