sanjay-dutt-bail-detailsBollywood actor Sanjay Dutt who is serving 42 months of his sentence in Yerawada jail appealed for 14 day furlough again for the reasons yet to be revealed. This isn’t the first time the actor asked for the bail. In the past, he came out of jail for 30 days for his health reasons, later he was out for his wife’s ill health and even got extension to stay out side the jail.

According to reports, Sanjay Dutt applied for 14-day bail and awaiting it’s acceptance from DIG. Government received flak when the actor was granted bail in the past and even Bombay High Court questioned the leniency in his case.

Will the actor be treated with ‘Special’ mercy and granted bail for the third time? We will have to wait few more days to find out.