Baahubali petetion Rajamouli

There was news that a Jain mutt in Karnataka had issued a petition against the makers of ‘Baahubali’, as they felt the movie portrays Baahubali, also known as Gommateshwara, is one of the most revered Jain saints, in poor light. According to the counsel of the mutt, the movie hurt the religious sentiments of peace loving Jains as the title has been used for a violence-based movie.

Rajamouli, however, has denied of receiving any such petition from any group against his film. we haven’t received any notice from anyone regarding Baahubali. As told before, our story has got nothing to do with Gomateshwara, posted Rajamouli on his Twitter page. One wonders then why would someone even raise this matter when a notice at the first place was not even sent to the film’s crew.

This certainly increases curiosity and everybody would like to known where this controversy will take Baahubali now. Will this controversy work in the film’s favour? Let’s wait and see.