Have been careless about my career - Navdeep
It’s almost after a year Navdeep-starrer Bangaru Kodi Petta has released in cinemas. The actor, who once was very busy in the industry, is suddenly struggling to even have a single release despite the fact that he has five films in his kitty. Navdeep, who is eagerly waiting for a commercial hit. He says he hopes he scores a hit this year.

Navdeep said that he has made some bad career choices and proof to it is his recent film failures. He said that until he has a commercial hit, he needs to take up whatever comes his way. Although he have proved myself in the last few years but he desperately needs a hit. There were also rumours that Navdeep will produce a film featuring NTR after their recent collaboration in Baadshah.

Navdeep said that if he has so much money, he wouldn’t have to worry about his career. He added that he spends all his money on cars and pubbing. Therefore, hardly is left with any money for producing films.