It seems like yesterday was a bad day for movie releases considering the three films that hit the screens fell flat at the box office. The movies in question are Jai Sriram, Vasool Raja and Crazy. As for the failure of these films, following are the main reasons.

The film Crazy has a very slow pace. That, along with Santanam’s comedy which quickly becomes routine ends up being a drag for the audience. Other than this, the characters of the story are also not handled well and the film turns out to be poorly executed.

Vassol Raja on the other hand suffers from Major a weak and clichéd story line. With nothing to add some uniqueness to the film, it just becomes a slow torture.

As for Jai Sriram, there are several things wrong with the film, including but not limited to atrocious writing and terrible direction. With an overused plot and terrible screenplay, the film fell flat at the box office.