Sekhar Kammula made his debut as director more than a decade ago but his true cinematic debut was when Anand released exactly a decade ago in 2004. The film was pitted against a biggie and yet managed to retain its position and collections at box office week after and in the process established Sekhar Kammula as a director to look forward too.

He then made two back to back successful films like Godavari and Happy Days which earned him lots of critical acclaim and fans. Both the films were especially good success in overseas and Sekhar Kammula was then put among the top director in regions. However despite all the success, criticisms too started to grow on the director as the characterizations in his films started to feel repetitive. This led to the director change his route and coming up with Leader. Although not entirely a big success as his previous film it has slowly found a substantial following over the years for being a different attempt from usual routine fare one gets to see day in and out.

However all the trade cares for is the numbers at the box office and success is all that matters. Which meant the director going back to his tested formulaic movie making in Life is Beautiful. Unfortunately this film failed to get him the desired success and put the director in a dilemma about what to do next. After a long though the director decided to change the route completely and came up with a thriller Anaamika. This female centric thriller starring Nayanatara has seen disastrous opening at the box office and even the critical reception has been mixed. After all this it is heard that the director is planning to get back at remaking his film Happy Days in Hindi.

Has Sekhar Kammula completely lost the plot? A remake of his past film at this point of time in Hindi means he is going to be away from Telugu cinema for a long time. By the time he would be making his next Telugu cinema it would be years without a success and with his style of films being outdated and nothing else working, he might find it hard to sustain himself any further. Wouldn’t it be better if the director works on a completely fresh script in Telugu and regain his lost glory and consolidate his position as an important director in Telugu cinema instead of restarting all over again after few years?

What do you think? Has the director lost the plot completely and do you think it would be beneficial to him to remake Happy Days at this point in Hindi, where he has no image to begin with? Share us your thoughts.