Has-Prabhas-Miscommunicated-Saaho-Release-DateBig releases always shuffle their release dates owing to great off-sets work to get that perfection of visual magic. Saaho also is following the trend of postponing the release dates leaving the fans in confusion. Prabhas has been having his fans critically waiting for the film to hit screens and the hope came in the form of Prabhas’ Instagram post announcing the release date to be on August 15.

But unfortunately, this release date also seems to be a misinterpretation as the sources confirm the release is not likely to happen on the Independence day due to the expected reason, VFX. Then what about Prabhas’ official post on the release date? Was there confusion?

Apparently, Saaho team is still not sure on when the VFX would be done as the film itself is majorly depended on the visual work. Well, if not Aug 15th, the makers are desperate to get the film ready by Dussehra. And what are the odds of Saaho to meet this release date? That we have to see. Coming after the magnum opus Baahubali of Prabhas, the film stars Shraddha Kapoor and a couple of more Bollywood celebrities in the vital cast.