nitya menon trivikram srinivas photoNithya Menen has without any doubt established herself as a thinking class star with her choices of films. People, however small it could be, come to her film expecting something unique or different entertainment and she delivers it with her film along with performance. With such expectations behind her when she was selected for a big film like Son of Satyamurthy, it doubled up the expectations on the film in certain quarters.

After its release, if we look back and think if she has delivered in this big film and if she has maintained her uniqueness, the answer we will get is a big no. post the release of Son of Satyamurthy not only has actress been sidelined in all promotional activities but with it being a glamorous film she felt shortchanged on that account too before other glamorous stars.

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The role itself offered nothing to her for people to take notice. One wonders therefore if she had taken this role for a change from her usual small scale films. There is also a doubt planted courtesy this film if she would get offered big films in future or not.

With the Mani Rathnam romance Ok Bangaram coming up we hope the actress delivers again like only she can. And in future if she ever wanted to do big film again or if she got an opportunity, here’s hoping that she gets a meaty role that exploits her talents fully.

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