Actor Harshvardhan Rane, who is paired with three heroines in upcoming Telugu thriller “Maaya”, says the experience was challenging because he had to romance them with different emotions. Going by the trailer of the film, Harsha plays a character with a negative shade in the movie, which is set to release July 4.

Explaining about the challenge to romance three heroines, he said, “I have only romanced one heroine in all my films so far. It was challenging to romance three heroines in ‘Maaya’ because I had justify my scenes with all three of them, be equally romantic and most importantly express different emotions to them. You can have similar feelings for three women but they can’t be the same. I created three different emotional graphs for three of them. This was something very new to me because I haven’t done it before”.

Rane is paired with newcomers Avantika, Sushma and Nandini Rai in “Maaya”, which is directed by National award-winning filmmaker Neelakanta. It is a film about extrasensory perception and Harshvardhan plays a fashion designer in it. Filmmaker Madhura Sreedhar has produced it.