Harsha survives on caveman's diet for 'Maaya'
Telugu actor Harshvardhan Rane in ‘Maaya’ has achieved the perfect physique by following a caveman’s diet. He said he is following what is called a caveman’s diet. He is eating what basically cavemen used to eat – meat and vegetables on a daily basis and will continue it until the completion of the film.

He also added that he will go shirtless for the first time in my career for an important scene in the film. He, however, clarified he won’t be sporting six-pack abs. He feels the six-pack abs is a luxury that he can’t afford it yet. He added that it will be an achievement if he gets it.

National Award winning filmmaker G. Neelakanta Reddy is directing ‘Maaya’, and Harsha feels blessed to be working with him. He hopes that the viewers accept ‘Maaya’, about extra sensory perception. He is aware that nobody can assure whether a film will work or not, but having witnessed how some different Telugu films were received by the audience, he feels his film will appreciated too.