Harish Shankar was a zero entity when he delivered a dud in the form of shock to Ravi Teja. The next 5 years after Shock release is a kind of dark period for Harish. He achieved his goal of directing a movie but he had to bear the guilt of delivering a flop to a minimum guarantee hero. With unruffled confidence, he wrote few scripts and narrated them to NTR (MLA) and Pawan Kalyan (Mirapakay). Both of them liked them immensely but the projects did not take off due to various reasons.  It was again, Ravi Teja who had given him a second chance and managed to get a huge hit in the form of Mirapakay. Later, he got to direct Pawan Kalyan in the remake of Dabangg and what happened rest is known to all.

Harish Shankar is now one of the most wanted directors in Telugu. There are producers who are ready to give him an advance cheque to get his commitment for a movie. He is going to direct NTR in his next movie. He is currently more in to scripting the movie than partying for the success.

Hopes he comes out in flying colours.