Harish_Shankar_MoviesAfter delivering Gabbar Singh, Harish Shankar became the most sought-after director. But his subsequent films turned out to be either flops or moderate successes.

He announced a few years back that he would be reuniting with Pawan Kalyan for Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh. But that film never went beyond the news headlines and still remains only on paper.

Harish Shankar has been sitting idle for many years now but every month there comes a piece of news on social media about his collaboration with some or the other actor.

There were reports of Ram joining forces with Harish Shankar a few months back. Last month there were reports of a film happening in the combination of Harish Shankar and Vijay Deverkonda. A few days back, there were also speculations of Balakrishna and Harish Shankar coming together for a film that we reported as fake news.

In the industry, people are wondering who is planting these stories in the media every month. Some are making satirical comments that Harish Shankar has so many projects in his hand that he is not able to decide which one to start first and hence is sitting idle at home.

Though nothing exceptional, Harish Shankar is a decent director who knows the sensibilities of the mass audience. Let’s hope he makes a strong comeback with whatever film he comes up with next.