Harish-Shankar-Same-As-ShankarHarish Shankar is one of the Guests at Darbar Pre-Release Event which happened last night in Hyderabad. The Superstar came down to Hyderabad to promote the film. While speaking at the event, Harish Shankar is in all praises of the Superstar and tried his level best to showcase all the admiration he has for Rajinikanth.

Harish Shankar revealed how the audience of every industry owns the Superstar as their own. “You are not South Indian Superstar, you are Indian Superstar,” he said. As the finishing touch of his speech, Harish Shankar made a comment. “Rajini Sir, you have worked with Shankar and now it is the time to try with Harish Shankar also,” he said before concluding the speech.

This particular comment has become viral on social media. He is being trolled by people asking if Shankar and Harish Shankar are the same. But it looks like Harish made a cheeky comment and is being unfairly targeted for that.