Harish Shankar Ravi Teja Special 26, Harish Shankar Ravi Teja Special 26 Remake, Harish Shankar Ravi Teja Akshay Special 26, Harish Shankar Ravi Teja AgainIs Harish Shankar once again going to bail out Ravi Teja from his troubled box office phase like he did previously with Mirapakai. Of course, Ravi Teja was the one who gave break to him not once but twice.

Director Harish Shankar who is currently making a film with Allu Arjun has reportedly kept aside a film for Ravi Teja. It is the remake of Bollywood movie Special 26. There have been lots of rumors regarding it being put off but that’s not the case. The director is working hard on it simultaneously to get the nativity right.

There is also a buzz that Ravi Teja might not do it. If that’s the case it would be his loss and a foolish decision in the current phase, that he is in.