harish shankar tweet about vincent‘Gabbar Singh’ is one film which gave director Harish Shankar overnight success and earned him the star director tag very easily. Hence Pawan’s film will ever be his cherished one in his career. Anything and everything concerned with the movie would remain a cherished memory for him. Besides the stars in the film, Harish can’t forget the technicians who worked for the film.

Ace cinematographer Jayanan Vincent was the camera eye behind ‘Gabbar Singh’. His father Aloysius Vincent had been prominent cinematographer of the golden era of South Cinema from 1950s to mid 80s. This veteran cameraman breathed his last on Wednesday, 25th February. Expressing condolences director Harish Shankar tweeted, “My heartfelt condolences to Jayanan Vincent Sir … The Eye behind ‘Gabbarsingh.”

Read Harish Shankar’s tweet once again carefully and one can easily understand the mistake he made in his tweet. Though he expressed condolences for senior Vincent, the language in the tweet doesn’t convey the meaning properly, it seems as if he is mourning for the loss of his ‘Gabbar Singh’ cinematographer (God Forbid). Sometimes, mincing with words might turn too costly.