Harish Shankar Buttering Vijay Deverakonda?Otherwise Vijay Deverakonda who used to seem very cool painted a picture that he was jealous of Shahid Kapoor and the humongous success of ‘Kabir Singh’ that exceeded the original. That is a kind of rare when it comes to remakes of cult movies.

Struggling director Harish Shankar found no fault with Vijay Deverakonda when he asked why should he watch Kabir Singh when he knows the story and also the journey of the character. Harish Shankar says that Vijay’s comments needn’t be taken as jealously.

Harish Shankar also defended Vijay opining that people are reading too much between the lines when Vijay said that he wished Kabir Singh to be successful but it became a blockbuster.

Vijay shouldn’t be envious of Kabir Singh as it’s a Bollywood film and here in Tollywood, Vijay has been steadily growing as a star. Keeping that aside, why is Harish Shankar buttering Deverakonda?

After a spate of back-to-back failures, Harish Shankar is trying his luck with Varun Tej’s ‘Valmiki’, the official remake of Tamil film ‘Jigarthanda’ that came a few years ago. More than his films, he had been under media glare for his aggressive comments, several times.