Fans Targetting Wrong Candidate For Theri RemakeDirector Harish Shankar announced on Thursday that big excitement is on the way. It is being speculated that Harish Shankar will direct Pawan Kalyan in the remake of Theri.

And since then, #WeDontWantTheriRemake has been trended on social media by frustrated Pawan Kalyan Fans! Some are even threatening to commit suicide if this project starts shooting.

Fans are tagging and targeting director Harish Shankar and asking him to scrap the project. Harish, who himself is a diehard PK fan, is on a blocking spree on Twitter blocking Pawan Kalyan fans.

Fans should realize that it is Pawan Kalyan who calls the shots. Harish Shankar can neither set up nor scrap the project. He can only obey the demands of the star hero.

Harish would have definitely wanted to make an original film with Pawan Kalyan. He is not an outdated person to not to know the fate of remake films post covid.

Pawan Kalyan wants to finish the commitment with Mythri Movie Makers and move on to his other projects and political commitments. So Pawan went for a readymade script of Theri.

Harish has been sitting at home waiting to start a project with Pawan Kalyan for almost two years. He didn’t accept many films with other heroes because of this project. Now, he can’t afford to reject this offer just because it’s a remake. He has no other option but to take up the job offered to him.

Harish Shankar should be the last person to be blamed for the Theri remake.