Happy-Wedding-Release-&-Annapoorna-Daughter's-Suicide-Sad-News-on-Same-DayWhile actress Annapurna’s granny role in today’s release ‘Happy Wedding‘ is entertaining the audiences, the senior actress woke up to hear a very sad news this morning. It’s a coincidence that her movie released the same day when her daughter was found dead in her room, at Annapurnamma’s residence in Banjara Hills.

The senior actress’ role in ‘Happy Wedding’ was a very happy one in which she was seen cracking youth jokes. She was energetic and a happy-go-lucky kinda granny in the movie. But, the fate has something really sad in store for her and she had to bear the pain of losing her daughter at this age when she would like to see her children settle down, want to spend time with her grandchildren.

For the uninitiated, Annapurna’s daughter Keerthi committed suicide by hanging herself to the ceiling fan in her room on Saturday. Her body was discovered today, early in the morning leaving Annapurnamma to wail over her death. Health issues are said to be the reason for Keerthi’s decision. Keerthi was married to a software engineer in 2015 and he was the one who first woke up and found Keerthi hanging from the ceiling fan.

It’s heartening to see our Annapurnamma in such a sad state when she is entertaining the audiences as the granny in ‘Happy Wedding’. May God give her the inner strength to handle the testing time!