Teaser Talk: India’s Original SuperHeroCreative filmmaker Prasanth Varma and young hero Teja Sajja are working on HanuMan. The film is based on India’s widely famous mythological character and one of our original superhero’s Lord Hanuman.

The teaser of the film dropped a little while ago and it gives a brief view into the world of HanuMan. The graphics are CGI work are decent but is comfortable for a film of this range.

The characters of the protagonist Teja, Amrita Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and others are introduced. There’s a fair bit of action associated with them. We don’t get a clear view of Teja so we can’t comment on his look as HanuMan as yet.

There’s the mythological wave in North belt surrounding Hindutva and that might come in handy for this film which is being given a pan India release.

Prasanth has evidently framed his own story surrounding HanuMan and this should be the USP of the film. He always come up with some thing different but the execution will be the key.

For films of this genre to click, the graphics should look good on the big screens. The presentation and portrayal of the mythological characters should be earnest. If these boxes are ticked, then there’s good scope for Teja Sajja.

Going by Teaser, they look good in their first step.

The film is in production phase now and the release date will be announced soon.

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