Hanu Raghavpudi's Unfulfilled Dream With NTRHanu Raghavpudi created a niche for himself as a sensible director in Tollywood. But he hasn’t tasted a proper hit film at the box office though he has been in the industry for over a decade.

Now he is coming up with a romantic and emotional film with an army background, Sita Ramam, releasing this Friday. The trailer received an encouraging response, and the film has decent expectations attached to it. Hanu Raghavpudi seems to have made a beautiful and aesthetic love story.

During a promotional interview, he expressed his desire to work with NTR. He said that NTR had been his favorite for a long time. He also said that in the past, he had discussed many story ideas with NTR, which he liked, but none of the projects materialized. He also mentioned he wanted to cast NTR in his film Lie, which eventually was done by Nithiin.

NTR fans were sharing clips from this video interview and were saying that NTR’s image doesn’t suit Raghavpudi’s style of storytelling. They added that NTR’s image and stardom have now grown leaps and bounds after the success of RRR, and it will be a miracle if NTR okays any film with Raghavpudi in the future.

It seems Hanu Raghavpudi’s dream of directing NTR will remain unfulfilled!