The fans of actresses Hansika and Samantha are well aware of their off-screen social work and recently, actress Hansika has been in highlights for the same reason. Despite her hectic work schedule, the actress decided to go on a trip to Kullu Manali with her 25 adopted kids. Hansika’s mother, who usually helps her with the shoot schedule, decided to come along to help her on the trip. The busy actress will spend two days’ time with kids while her mother will be watching them on the rest of the trip.

Hansika’s mom mentioned that she also has plans to take them on an abroad trip next time. While most heroines, like Nayantara who skips promotional events of the film even after a charging a hefty amount, are here only to make money as long as their career shines and disappear once their market is over, while actresses Haniska and Samantha’s social work is well-appreciated. It shows their compassion and kind heart and how they feel responsible even after being a celeb.