Actress Hansika Motwani seems upset about something. We hear that the actress is annoyed because her earlier venture ‘Seeta Ramula Kalyanam Lankalo’ in Tollywood is being dubbed into a Tamil film at present. The actress did the film in 2010 as a newcomer and it was released in Tollywood. However, now that the film is being dubbed into its Tamil version, the actress is not happy about it and it is heard that she will be filing a complaint against the film with the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce.

It was reported that they want to release a dubbed movie of Hansika because of her publicity and craze among the fans and this apparently infuriated Hansika. She will soon be seen in Tamil films like ‘Vettai Mannan’ alongside STR, who is her boyfriend, ‘Biryani’ along with Karthi and couple of other films.