hansika-motwani-worried-about-fake-account-responds-early-morningIn this age of internet ruling, social media is on the top making most of the craze it has. There is a negative side to it, i.e., cyber crimes in the form of fake accounts. So, one can understand the anxiety of bubbly actress Hansika when she found out that there is a fake account on her name.

Immediately, very early in the morning, the actress posted a message on her social media account informing about the fake account saying “It’s not me”, and also posted a picture of the fake account. She must be very happy that she got an immediate response from others that they would report the matter and unfollow the fake account.

This isn’t the first time Hansika caught a fake account on her name. In the past, Hansika had been a victim of the cyber crime and she has got every reason to be anxious as she already had undergone that pain when her Twitter account was hacked.