Heroine Hansika who has slowly but steadily developed a devoted following in Tamil Nadu is a natural choice for many launches and inaugurations. The actress was reportedly hired for one such launch which has landed her in controversy of sorts. The actress last minute backing off from attending the launch is the reason for this controversy.

Getting into details and looking into the point of views of both parties it would be hard to tell who could have initiated the mess it has become in the end. Apparently the actress requested few extra tickets right before the day of the launch from Hyderabad to Chennai which the Cab Company refused to give as they have already arranged many tickets for her. While that is version of the Cab Company, the actress says that she has asked the company to not use her photos from the launch for not more than 15 days which it didn’t agree to. The actress says when there was disagreement on that clause, she made it clear then itself that she would not be attending the launch event not at the very last minute as stated by the company. It’s up to the readers now to believe which version is the right one. Which one do you think looks fair?