Hamsa Nandini turns industry's star item girl

Actress Hamsa Nandini who says that she dislikes the term “item number”, has become very popular through her four famous dance songs in the southern film industry. She danced with Pawan in AD, Nagarujuna’s Bhai and NTR’s RV are the latest ones to name a few. In a short time of few months, the actress has gained a lot of popularity and admits these songs help the actors and actresses in reaching out to the masses. She said that it gives a phenomenal reach, particularly when working with more renowned stars.

It’s a great platform to reach out to the viewers and fans and according to her, it’s better to do a five-minute dance number than filming 10 scenes in a movie having no scope for accomplishment. The actress began her career as a model but likes the silver screen more. She is at present awaiting the release of another item song with well-known celebrity Nagarjuna.