Half-A-Dozen Remakes Tinkering! Who’ll Click?

Tollywood-RemakesIt’s the remake time in Tollywood with about half-a-dozen films are being remade in Telugu by the stars hoping to pull it off pretty good as the originals did. Now we know how Bollywood started off redoing Telugu scripts and the Telugu guys are on doing Tamil and Hindi stories.

Let’s start with the Megastar. After the fair outing of Sye Raa, the hero is coming with the remake of the Tamil super hit, ‘Lucifer‘ played by Mohanlal originally. There are going to be some regional changed to the script but the political crime drama seems to be a perfect pic for Chiru at this time and the best part is that Charan is going to produce him again.

Next comes the Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is coming back to making films with the Telugu remake of the critically acclaimed Hindi film, ‘Pink‘ that starred Amitabh and Taapsee in lead roles.

Then the Mass Maharaja, Ravi Teja is coming with the remake of the Tamil emotional action drama, ‘Theri‘ done by Vijay with Samantha in the female lead.

After that, it is Victory Venkatesh’s project of remaking the Dhanush starrer, ‘Asuran‘ in Tamil that had the hero do a dual role. After Venky Mama, Venkatesh is going to hop on to the project.

Also, there is Nagarjuna to have nodded his head to do Ajay Devgn’s ‘Raid‘ that bagged good numbers at the box office.

Post that is Nithiin who is coming with the remake of the Hindi film, ‘Andhadhun‘ which brought the national award to the lead, Ayushman.

Not to forget Ram Pothineni, he is working on the remake of the Tamil murder mystery film, ‘Thadam‘ titled ‘Red’ in Telugu.

Hero Sharwanand is also in the link who is almost done with redoing the Tamil love story, ‘96‘ which is also a critically acclaimed film.

Now, that is quite a list of remakes to get tinkered in Tollywood. But who do you think can pull it off well and recreate the magic

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