Karthik Subbaraj-rajinikanthThere must be an undercurrent curiosity in the mind of Superstar Rajinikanth when he had first watched ‘Pizza’ and appreciated the director. Later, Rajinikanth felt that the gangster role in ‘Jigarthanda’ would have suited him well and even thought that if the director had asked, he would have done the role, himself.

Bobby Simha did the role in ‘Jigarthanda’ directed by Karthik Subbaraju, the director who had become the envy of many for impressing the superstar big time and bagging an opportunity to direct him. The young director who is all excited and revealed the above-said anecdote when Rajinikanth liked Bobby Simha’s role and could visualize himself playing the role.

Karthik Subbaraju’s dream is coming true and let’s wait to see what kind of character had he etched for the superstar. Rajinikanth has already played a gangster in ‘Kaala’ which is ready for release and his fans and audiences wouldn’t expect a similar role, so soon. It’s good that the Superstar is working with the young generation instead of trying the beaten-to-the-death kind of potboilers with senior directors.