It is quite common to see good, bad and ugly talk when it comes to social media. Recently, Jagan’s media Sakshi threw an open challenge to Pawan Kalyan’s fans on the micro blogging website Twitter. Pawan’s campaign against YSRCP head Jagan Mohan Reddy asking people to choose between ‘Scam Andhra’ and Seema Andhra’ didn’t go well for Jagan’s supporters. Sakshi also aired specially designed programs to degrade Pawan’s craze but to no avail. Now it seems that after Jagan lost the battle, fight between Pawan’s fans and Sakshi is still on. Sakshi, posted an open challenge to Pawan’s fans stating, “We don’t care about #TDP and #PawanKalyan fans commenting us on social media. We are ready to fight with them. Guys have the guts? Be ready!”

While the challenging tweet from Sakshi received thunder response from Pawan’s fans, majority of them replied they are ready for it. Interestingly enough, one particular fan in his reply tweet tagged Narendra Modi and asked, “Dear @narendramodi, please take action on @SakshiNewsPaper tweet.. make a way to Jail for jagan.. jagan hatao people bachao”.

While no one appreciates any kind of abuse, being a responsible media, having a news daily and a TV channel, Sakshi’s cat fight with Pawan’s fans on Twitter sounds silly.