That Guy Rubbed on the Wrong Side- Anasuya FuriousIt’s not very uncommon for the actresses in the glamour industry to face criticism on what they must wear and what they must not. One social media user posted his view asking Anasuya if she has any sense and commented on her exposing.

Well, we know, Anansuya is not the kind of person to take the nonsense quietly. She gave back to that person very strongly. If he can’t watch her program with family, he can opt out of watching the program. She told him harshly not to poke his nose into her job.

The words came flowing from Anansuya and it was a lengthy post from the television host reminding the person that it is her choice and he has got no business to interfere. She gave back to him for not understanding that it’s her job and that she is at liberty to wear what she wants and it’s in the eyes of the beholder what to see and what not to.

She strongly told him not to dictate to others. She knows her job well. Anasuya even questioned about the rapes on kids and old women asking if one can see any exposing in their case. She made complete sense in whatever she asked.