Gunasekhar the perfectionist

We are not sure when will Anushka Shetty-starrer Rudhramadevi will release in cinemas, but one thing is certain that the director of the film Gunasekhar, is going out of his way to promote his film and bring it to the audience. The filmmaker is now busy shooting in a giant set resembling the 1000-pillar temple of Warangal.

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Apparently, Gunasekhar spent most of his time on this particular set because he wanted it to be perfect. He spent many days sitting and discussing with art director Thota Tharani to get the set right. Sources from the film’s unit say that the biggest highlight of the film will be this set, which approximately took a month in designing and building the 1000-pillar temple set.

The film, which is only 50 percent complete is likely to come out in the second half of next year. With too many films lined up for Sankranti, it’s very unlikely that we may see Rudhramadevi on screen.

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