Gunasekhar in dilemma!

Gunasekhar has pinned all hopes on his latest project, Rudramma Devi. He is even turning producer with this and is investing quite a big amount on it. The director was recently very disturbed with one of the photos of the movie getting leaked. And is planning to release the first look of the movie on November 7th to avoid further leaks. However, Baahubali team is also planning to release a making video on the same day as it is Anushka’s Birthday.

Anushka’s roles in both the movies will have an uncanny resemblances. If both the looks are released on the same day, there is a chance that audience may get confused. There are several instances in the past where it happened even with the big stars. So, he is now in dilemma to whether or not to release the first look on that day. But if he does, Anushka fans will be more than happy to enjoy both.