Gunasekhar frustrated!

Rudramma Devi is the dream project of director Gunasekhar. The project is his last chance for redemption as he is in neck deep troubles in recent times. The movie is also his maiden production venture and he is leaving no stone unturned to make the project successful. A website leaked one still from the movie and it created bad impression in audience. Guna is very much disappointed with this. In general, first looks are carefully prepared with intense photoshop work as they as first impression is the best impression.

But this leaked photo is a casually taken picture. Guna is reportedly sending request to press to take down the picture. He has launched a complaint with cyber cell that some one has morphed the images and are defaming his Rudramma Devi movie. The first look of the movie will be released on November 7th, the Birthday of Anushka.